Website design : what to use ?

Karl kaha at
Tue Mar 1 16:21:08 UTC 2005

I'm not a web designer (more of a dabbler), but has anyone in this 
discussion tried Bluefish?
It's not WYSIWYG, but I've found it to be a very useful tool for web 
page authoring.

Art Alexion wrote:

> Sean Miller wrote:
>> I do think these WYSIWYG editors are counter-productive... fact is 
>> that HTML may be WYSIWYG, but it's not WYSIWYVG (ie. What You See Is 
>> What Your Visitors Get)... you may get it, but they may not... 
>> therefore it's better to work on strict web principles and code your 
>> pages using best practices...
> Excellent point!!!
> And avoiding WYSIWYG editors also helps minimize those ubiquitous, 
> table driven, multi-column web pages that have grown to be the norm 
> today.
> When will web designers learn that web pages are not like paper pages 
> and to minimize their use of multi-column pages -- especially those 
> with fixed column widths.
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