Breezy Trick

Sean C Sieger sean.sieger at
Thu Jun 30 15:50:38 UTC 2005

Stephen R Laniel <steve at> writes:

> On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 11:25:03AM -0400, Sean C Sieger wrote:
>> Anyway, I guess the direct question to ask is how do you manage the
>> Synaptic Updates? How do you know what allow and what not to allow?
>> Steve, please forgive the feeble questions, I suppose if I knew what
>> I was talking about, I wouldn't be asking. How to stop, or minimize,
>> breakage once the installation is successful?
> I don't bite; promise. :-)
> It's been a while since I installed Breezy, so I don't
> remember whether I had problems with a broken xserver at the
> beginning. Can you pass along some errors that you get when
> you try to install?
> At the beginning I *did* get some irritating errors, like
> twm failing to install correctly and the twm error cascading
> into an incomplete xorg installation. But that got fixed.
> Also at the beginning, Totem didn't work right, but that's
> long since been fixed. The only remaining irritant, really,
> is the thing I mentioned in another thread, where GNOME
> sometimes fails to start completely and I have to trash
> everything in /tmp (along with killing and restarting esd,
> incidentally). Otherwise it's fine. For experimental
> software, it's damn good.
> So if you're willing to take the plunge -- and it sounds
> like you are -- just add the Breezy sources to
> /etc/apt/sources.list, then do an apt-get update and an
> apt-get upgrade. Then pass any errors you get on to us, and
> we'll try to help you. At the very worst, X will fail to
> start, and you'll have to email us from a console window.
> :-)

Yes, yes, yes.

Right. So now, you do mean to say just what you've said:

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade (not dist-upgrade, right?)

And I certainly wish that I knew how (where and when) to redirect the
errors so that I may post them if needed (I am almost looking forward
to communicating with the list from console). Or are you talking about
posting a log? Which log would I need to post?

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