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Stephen R Laniel steve at
Thu Jun 30 15:32:32 UTC 2005

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 11:25:03AM -0400, Sean C Sieger wrote:
> Anyway, I guess the direct question to ask is how do you manage the
> Synaptic Updates? How do you know what allow and what not to allow?
> Steve, please forgive the feeble questions, I suppose if I knew what
> I was talking about, I wouldn't be asking. How to stop, or minimize,
> breakage once the installation is successful?

I don't bite; promise. :-)

It's been a while since I installed Breezy, so I don't
remember whether I had problems with a broken xserver at the
beginning. Can you pass along some errors that you get when
you try to install?

At the beginning I *did* get some irritating errors, like
twm failing to install correctly and the twm error cascading
into an incomplete xorg installation. But that got fixed.
Also at the beginning, Totem didn't work right, but that's
long since been fixed. The only remaining irritant, really,
is the thing I mentioned in another thread, where GNOME
sometimes fails to start completely and I have to trash
everything in /tmp (along with killing and restarting esd,
incidentally). Otherwise it's fine. For experimental
software, it's damn good.

So if you're willing to take the plunge -- and it sounds
like you are -- just add the Breezy sources to
/etc/apt/sources.list, then do an apt-get update and an
apt-get upgrade. Then pass any errors you get on to us, and
we'll try to help you. At the very worst, X will fail to
start, and you'll have to email us from a console window.

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