Suggestion for wireless PC-card 802.11b / 802.11g with out-of-the-box support in Hoary

Christian Toldnes christian.toldnes at
Thu Jun 30 14:04:17 UTC 2005

On 6/28/05, Christian Toldnes <christian.toldnes at> wrote:
> I have also gotten off-list response regarding the "3com 11a/b/g
> Wireless PC Card with XJACK". The one called 3CRPAG175 on the 3com
> site. Uses the madwifi drivers right out of the box on Hoary.

And I can confirm that this card is working nicely on ubuntu. Detected
by the madwifi drivers as ath0, and the xjack makes moving the laptop
about that much easier.

Will look into using wpasupplicant later, it's kind of painful
compared to wap in ubuntu. Hope later versions will include support
for setting up WPA encryption from the GUI.


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