Windows network problems

Marcos Antonio Dellazari at
Thu Jun 30 11:16:47 UTC 2005

we are migranting Desktops to Linux, and using Ubuntu Hoary.
But the environment is based on Windows.

Hoary it's amazing, but, I need to offer more facilities to
my users that they find in Windows.
Example: when I'm navigating in windows shares, whith nautilus
by smb://, he asks me a lot of username and password. And, my users
want to double click the files to open, but he gives me an error message
"failed to open ... can't open /home/user/smb:///somewhere/somefile"
I've read that this is handled by gnome-vfs, and I have instaled
openoffice-gnomevfs, but it don't works.
I'm authenticating in a NT PDC via samba/winbind. 

(Sorry by my poor english)

Marcos Antonio Dellazari
Itaipu Binacional - Brazil

Linux is user-friendly. 
It is not ignorant-friendly and idiot-friendly.
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