Unusual dependencies on ubuntu-desktop

Sandip Bhattacharya sandip at lug-delhi.org
Wed Jun 29 10:59:22 UTC 2005

Colin Watson wrote:
> Other way round; ubuntu-desktop depends on lots of other packages. It's
> just a metapackage to facilitate upgrades; if you don't want to run our
> entire selected desktop installation, you can remove it.

Are you saying that if I disagree with one of your package choices, I
have to forgo automatic upgradation of the entire desktop? Isnt that a
bit inflexible for users who want a bit of a say of which packages they
dont want in the system?

In any case, why does diveintopython have to be a part of the desktop
install? As I see it, you dont include most of the devel packages by
default(e.g. gcc). Then why a programming tutorial?

Dont get me wrong. I am an ardent python follower, and I have a printed
and bound diveintopython book on my table. But I still dont see why it
has to be on a Linux desktop by default.


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