Mac CD Eject Key

Chanchao custom at
Wed Jun 29 03:23:17 UTC 2005

Hello Ante,

Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 3:31:08 AM, you wrote:

AK> I don't belive this will change in Ubuntu. Ejecting CDs by a button has
AK> lots of negatives. AFAIK, it only works that way on Windows, where it
AK> regullary produces BSOD when CD is in use, or at least some latency.

Latency is fine, an information message about why the disc can't be
ejected at this time is fine, but ultimately what it comes down to is
the the user wishes to eject the CD, and she gets no response.

Now there would have to be a #(*$&#(*& good reason before denying a
user request would make sense. (Such as when it's a writable disc
that's currently being written to. But even then, after informing the
user that ejecting at this time will destroy the disc, it should still
be possible to abort the burning process and eject the disc).


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