Mac CD Eject Key

Maximilian Gerlach m at
Tue Jun 28 21:11:49 UTC 2005

> Good, we're getting there.  I think I want to add something to the wish
> list:  I don't ever want to have to either grope for that little button
> to open or close the drawer or shove the drawer to close it.
Is it possible to use DBUS (or the like) to get the status of the drive?
(open/closed) If thats possible it shouldn't  be too hard

>  then I want to be able to
> supress the 'no disk' error always if I have pressed the magic key.
If you, for example, bind the script to a hotkey (perhaps in the gnome
thingy for these things) you shouldn't see that message

>   If
> If I press the key when the drive is in use, I might want the action
> inhibited, possibly with a 'do you really mean that Y/N' dialogue.  (I
> mean in use in the sense of a mounted disk or playing audio/video disk
> rather than merely physically holding a disk.)
> I'd better go and see what a Mac does under these circumstances. 
Macs are just unmounting the drives. But it wouldn't be hard to
implement this little dialog ;)

>  Hope
> they haven't patented this bit of the UI ;)  ("A method of reducing non
> keyboard touch operator intervention in the case of exchange or
> inspection of removable media (including but not restricted to optical
> and magnetic or combinations thereof with or without a hole in the
> middle) in data processing and streaming media equipments not limited
> to.........")

> Neil

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