Mac CD Eject Key

N'Jal ulist at
Tue Jun 28 21:11:23 UTC 2005

Would it be possible to have a desktop icon for the media that when
dragged and dropped onto the recycle bin unmounts and ejects the cd?
Sure you need the root or sudo password but thats what gksudo's for

Contrary to popular thought i have discovered more GUI ways of doing
things since trying linux than i knew about in windows. Surly it'll be
possible to do this, perhaps a bash script? Maybe a C program? I don't
know yet, it seem's a script would be better. Perhaps it could be
autopackaged. If anyone can create such a script i will test it, and if
i can i'll package it both as deb's and .packages. Don't wanna dump all
the work on someone else.


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