Moving from Debian to Ubuntu

Sandip P Deshmukh deshmukh.sandip at
Tue Jun 28 19:22:51 UTC 2005


I am a new Linux user. Recently I installed Debian on my home PC. It is
now a dual boot system - Windows 98 and Debian Linux. I use LILO as my
boot manager.

However, I am finding Debian a bit too difficult to handle and have
decided to switch; to Ubuntu. While I set-up Debian, I installed it only
on one partition instead of creating separate partitions for /home, etc.

First, is it possible to install Ubuntu on a separate partition so the
system can boot either in Windows 98 or Debian or Ubuntu? Can /home be
'shared' by both Ubuntu and Debian assuming usernames are the same in
both? How do I go about repartitioning the drive and moving /home? What
changes will I have to make to LILO?

If, however, it is not possible to have a 3-way bootable system, how do
I replace Debian with Ubuntu without losing /home data and ensuring that
the users can access their files without difficulty?

Could someone please provide detailed step-by-step instruction that even
a novice like me can understand and implement?

Thanks in advance

Sandip P Deshmukh

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