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Pete Hunt lists at ninjafriendly.com
Tue Jun 28 18:59:52 UTC 2005

Scott Sharkey wrote:
> Hi All,
> I know that Squid theoretically can do this, but it seems like overkill
> for this application.  The user could care less about caching 

but if you (contractor?) can add it at no extra cost ......

- they
> just want to monitor what URL's their staff is visiting.
> IS squid the best option, or is there something else that would do a
> better job?  

Have a look at Dans Guardian (needs a proxy server as well, either Oops
or Squid.  Squid in non-caching mode is pretty undemanding.)

Part of my concern is that the machine they have to run
> this on does not have a huge amount of memory, and I understand Squid
> can be a memory hog.


snipped from the above

DansGuardian 2 probably requires as a minimum 150Mhz per 50 users and
32Mb per 50 users plus 150Mhz and 64Mb. The memory requirement is more
for the cacheing proxy than DansGuardian. A minimum of maybe 4Gb hard
drive is required. If you have fast Internet connectivity (like
512Kbit/sec or more) then think about allocating more CPU.

You'd get better responses if you gave more info i.e:

Average daily traffic / size of pipe.
Machine specs - "low memory" = ?


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