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Matthias Heiler wrote:

>Oliver Grawert <ogra at> writes:
>>Am Montag, den 27.06.2005, 10:58 +0200 schrieb Matthias Heiler:
>>>Steve Torrefranca <javacide at> writes:
>>>>After 2 weeks we were all impressed even the die hard debian guys.
>>>>Unfortunately it freezes in all machines when:
>>>>a. we mount DVDs with huge files.  This happens both when we mount DVDs
>>>>in the middle of our gnome session and during boot-up with the DVD
>>>>inside the drive (while nautilus is loading).
>>>>b. randomly freezes when we upgrade kernel to 2.6.11
>>>I made the very same experience (great user feeling, but freezes) with
>>>a Dell D610 notebook.  It improved when upgrading to 2.6.12 from
>>>breezy plus adding boot parameters ("pci=bios idle=halt").  There
>>please note that the 2.6.11 kernel image in hoary is a bitkeeper
>>snapshot from mid february that the developers used to play with, it is
>>in universe because of this and not intended to be used for anyting....
>>additionally breezy should not be used in production environments before
>>it is stable especially just using its kernel in hoary is not a very
>>good idea.
>Well, my alternatives are to use 2.6.12 from breezy or to not use
>ubuntu at all. 
>I tried really long (couple of days) to get 2.6.10 run stable on the
>Dell hardware.  None of the nice tricks from newsgroups, kernel
>documentation, etc worked.  The worst thing is that the freezes are
>total (no logs, no error messages) and seemingly random.  Very hard to
>debug and very annoying.  My current hope is that things will further
>improve as 2.6 matures.
>  Matthias
What Dell hardware (specifics would be good)  I've had hoary running on 
a Dell Optiplex GX280 with a Gig of memory, 500Gig of SATA storage 
DVD+/-,  Firewire (with 500Gig of drives attached) and an ATTO 320 SCSI 
card - with a DLT 8000 attached, for a while now without any freezes of 
the machine (gnome has screwed up a few times, but ssh allows me to fix 
that).  Note: I'm usingthe kernel distributed with hoary (updated 
automatically of course) and  packages from both main and universe.  I'm 
running a firewall, mail server, web server, database server, and 
mirrors of ubuntu,, and yellowdog.  I'm also doing 
development in C. C++, Java and bash quite heavily so from my 
perspective hoary is STABLE.  The only issue I have is that throughput 
to the DLT8000 is half what it should be, which I'm looking into at the 

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