Automatic Login and Ubuntu also No automatic boot to X and Xauthorization problem

Colin McDermott colmcd at
Mon Jun 27 09:21:16 UTC 2005

>>GDM can let you auto-login, see gdm.conf or run gdmsetup.

>> sudo gdmsetup 

Thankyou for your responces. As I stated in my email I am using ICEWM NOT GDM! I know that I can disable the login from GDM and KDE. The point being is that these window managers are too heavy for a Pentium 2. Does anyone know of a way to enable an automatic login that is independant of the Window manager. IE a program that I can install that automatically loggs users into the command prompt as a normal user? or a script that I can enter. 

>>A simple script that runs sudo shutdown -h now can be linked from the
taskbar. If you let the user run sudo without password for shutdown,
it's even easier  :) 

I have done this but it is not working effectively. I almost have to launch bash to get it to work. If anyone is using XFCE or ICEWM out there then give it a try and see what I mean. I have added a line to my sudoers file which should let users shutdown. Ill dig it up. 

What I am after is a system that is as light and as simple as possible.

Colin McDermott
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