Dual Head, Xinerama, and brightness

Daniel Cross dcross at woosh.com
Mon Jun 27 21:52:14 UTC 2005

So, I'm running Xinerama on my Gnome config, with a 19" and 17" monitor
in a Dual head config.
The 17" monitor used to be a 15", and all was well.

The 17" Monitor was also running fine on another box (which was running

Now since changing the 15" monitor to the 17" I have some issues.

1) I have to run the screen depths at 16.  If I run at 24 the 17" only
displays the top half of the display.

2) The brightness of this screen is horrible.  I have the brightness up
100% on the monitor, but it is still very dim.

Anyone experienced this sort of thing? Any suggestions?


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