Interoperability between KDE and GNOME

Ed Cogburn edcogburn at
Mon Jun 27 20:56:18 UTC 2005

Stephen R Laniel wrote:

> When I use a KDE app within GNOME, I'd like it to inherit
> all my GNOME settings. I realize that this is probably
> difficult, but it's also vital.
> I just installed akregator, a KDE RSS aggregator, and had
> to configure it to open external links in the Debian
> sensible-browser -- the same way I configured GNOME a
> while ago. KDE apps need to inherit GNOME's settings to
> the extent possible.
> How possible is it?

Just about impossible, as there is no interoperability between KDE and GNOME
at that high a level (application settings).  This is one of the downsides
of having competing desktop environments that are going in different
directions and doing things differently.  I think the upside of having
choice makes up for that, but others disagree.

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