System Restore

Vram lamsokvr at
Mon Jun 27 16:30:42 UTC 2005

Eric S. Johansson wrote:

> Vram wrote:
>> I think if you rename /etc/ to /site-etc and /base-etc you will break 
>> the system.
>> Or maybe I misunderstood you.  Have you seen someone do this?  Or 
>> have you tried it.
>> Applications you install will look for configuration in /etc.  The 
>> base system is set up to work this way. Now this being Linux, 
>> Open-Source, you could make yours work anyway you wanted to.... Just 
>> take a bit of C++ and scripting.  <I am WAY to lazy to even th ink of 
>> that much work>
> sorry, I was not being clear.  I was describing a system with three 
> etc directories.  The first two, site-etc and base-etc are real.  The 
> third etc is a virtual and a composite of the first two.
> think of transparencies or slides.  If you take two slides and put 
> them together, you'll only see the bottom images if there is nothing 
> on the top slide.  Now apply the same concept to layered file 
> systems.  That's what I'm thinking about in terms of system partitioning.
> ---eric
Wow, that is a very interesting concept.  Who does stuff like that?  
What distribution?



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