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August Lilleaas augustlilleaas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 15:09:25 UTC 2005


I have just installed ubuntu 5.04 on my laptop, and everything seems to work 
fine exept from a couple of issues:

1) I need some help with the gnome-vfs. What i need is to be able to save 
directly to a ftp server. I am migrating from windows to linux, and in 
windows i use dreamweaver. Dreamweaver has its own ftp app, and that gives 
me the possibility to save directly to a ftp location. I would very much 
like to do the same on linux, and i have understood that the gnome-vfs is 
perfect for this. I have managed to connect to the ftp server and browsing 
and file deliting/renaming etc. works fine. But when i use bluefish, the web 
authoring program, to open the files, i cannot save them to this ftp 
location - then, bluefish just stops responding. How can i set up gnome-vfs 
to do this?

2) On some input fields the text is not visible! So far i have noticed this 
in some forms and in some programs. E.g. in the admin backend section of the 
Mambo Open Source CMS all fields have invisible text, exept from textarea 
fields where an external javacript wysiwyg editor is loaded. And again, in 
bluefish, the whole main code entering box has invisible text. I say 
invisible, because if i select the text, i can see from the paragraphs etc. 
that is there - but i cannot see it. Textedit and Open Office seems to work 
fine, as well as most forms on the internet.

I appreciate any help that i can get! Keep in mind that i have no clue about 
commands etc, i have used ubuntus apps to do all administration and 
configuring so far.

August Lilleaas, norway
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