after 2 weeks of running ubuntu

Steve Torrefranca javacide at
Mon Jun 27 07:17:18 UTC 2005


I have installed Ubuntu in 4 machines in the office to see if we could
use them here.  Our office is M$-centric, as most taiwanese companies
are, though some run mac, red hat, and mostly debian.   I have installed
Ubuntu in these machines:
1. IBM R40 thinkpad (original spec except upgraded memory to 1G)
2. Acer 8400 (P3 original spec except the sony DVD Re-W)
3. HP compaq DX6100MT (P4 original spec from vendor)
4 IBM T42 thinkpad (P4 original spec from vendor)

After 2 weeks we were all impressed even the die hard debian guys.
Unfortunately it freezes in all machines when:
a. we mount DVDs with huge files.  This happens both when we mount DVDs
in the middle of our gnome session and during boot-up with the DVD
inside the drive (while nautilus is loading).
b. randomly freezes when we upgrade kernel to 2.6.11

Freezing BTW also happens in WM, XFCE4 and Enlightenment (sorry we
though it was gnome... nobody uses gnome around here ;) so we though
gnome and nautilus was the culprit but it wasnt.)

I guess these are the show stoppers that we experienced.  But over-all
it was great.  I was supposed to try it on a 32 bit clone (AMD64 on an
asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard) but I guess that will be too early with
some obvious issues :).


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