Hoary: Intel 915GMS

Sean C Sieger sean.sieger at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 01:32:50 UTC 2005

Roger Perttu <gmane.spam at frogblender.net> writes:

> Trent Lloyd wrote:
>> On Saturday 25 June 2005 01:33, Jean Gruneberg wrote:
> [snip]
>>>If anyone does have info, please post it here - drove myself
>>>nuts with 855resolution - to no avail.
> Stick to 915resolution
>> An email from my friend is in the queue.
>> Basically you need Xorg -32 from breezy.
>> But I repeat, breezy is *not* recommended for end users, you are
>> likely to run into all sorts of issues of things not working.
> I'm running 1280x768 on a Dell X1 with Horay. No problems at all.
> Followed these instructions:
> http://www.geocities.com/stomljen/
> Don't exactly remember what I did because it was so simple. No need to 
> compile anything. Just put the binary somewhere and run it before you 
> start X. Then you can use the GUI-app in Gnome to pick the resolution.
> /Roger

_I'm_ running 1280x768 on a Dell X1 with 'Horay' (pronounced hurray in this apartment).

Thank you, Roger.

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