[OT] Gmail (was: Re: Yes! I'm on Ubuntu finally)

Custom custom at freenet.de
Sat Jun 25 03:23:05 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 11:08 +0700, Fajar Priyanto wrote:

> I have a gmail account. But, don't you think it's a bit riskier to put company 
> emails in it? Especially because the EULA states that gmail has the right to 
> "research" our messages, even the deleted ones.

Gmail researches mailflow to optimize their systems, and the same basic
Google-ad thingy displays text-only onubtrusive ads based on keywords

My main response is though that if I wouldn't use GMail that would mean
that I trust Yahoo or Hotmail (MS) or even my own internet provider more
than Gmail with my privace...  I can't say that I do. 

Google is in this for the long run.. My other accounts are at freenet.de
and others.. Frankly I trust Google more. :)

Another thing I do is send messages on GMail to myself with notes on
meetings I was in. Like take notes on a PDA / smartphone and send. It's
incredible how fast you find notes back on Gmail.  It's really quite
brilliant.  Oh and their POP/SMTP is secure SSL.. That's a very nice
feature too.  (Yes I trust Google also more than the admins of my own
company) :)


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