CPU scaling nonexistent with Inspiron 5150

pevans_om ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri Jun 24 09:15:12 UTC 2005

I also have this problem with my Inspiron 5150 (P4 2.8GHz). 

Just a few comments.

James Wilkinson Wrote: 


> CPU scaling needs to be supported both in hardware and in software.
> Not

> all CPUs can scale -- ever, under any OS.


This processor family does support CPU Scaling using Intel Speedstep
technology. Under Windows XP my processor runs between 1.6GHz and
2.8GHz depending on the demand.

James Wilkinson Wrote: 


> Incidentally, your processor is not an ideal laptop processor. It's

> *very* power hungry, needs a big heatsink, and should only be used in

> "desktop replacement" luggable laptops: ones that aren't sold as being

> very portable, nor good at remaining away from a power socket for a
> long

> time. On the other hand, you should have got a lot of CPU power for
> the

> price: the alternative would have been a fast Pentium M which I
> imagine

> would have been considerably more expensive.



My Inspiron runs a mobile Pentium 4 which is different from the Desktop
P4. I'm sure Samuels does too. Under XP I get between 3.5 and 4 hours
battery life which is comparable to a lot of the new Centrino
processors based laptops, so all in all it is not a bad Laptop

Samuel try the following I found on a different thread:

    sudo modprobe p4-clockmod

This worked for me.


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