Mac OS X v. Linux

Magnus Therning magnus at
Fri Jun 24 07:07:43 UTC 2005

On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 10:15:03AM +1000, David wrote:
>I use both Linux and OSX .. switch betwen them constantly through a
>KVM.  Some tools on Linux are way better than OSX, and vice-versa. I
>will NOT use windows, because philosophically I refuse to support a
>monopoly. Apart from that, all my experiences with Windows have been

Yes, I can only agree. My problem is that I'm not in the situation where
I can avoid using Windows altogether. All I can do is limit my exposure
to it. I don't think I'm alone in this.

The funny thing about Windows is that the more I learn about it the less
I like it. It's just not a beautiful system--too many exceptions and
special cases.


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Software is not manufactured, it is something you write and publish.
Keep Europe free from software patents, we do not want censorship
by patent law on written works.

Child pornography -- I never heard of it as a problem five years ago,
but now it's brought up constantly. I think it's the new Red-baiting.
The people in Burma don't understand how it is that we are focusing
our whole crypto policy on catching child pornographers. If you think
that cryptography is good for society you have to apologize and say
that you are against child pornography...  The fact that I even have
to say that is an indication of how effective this Red-baiting is... I
think that we can't let our civil liberties for the society at large
be determined by government policy towards a tiny segment of the
criminal population.
      -- Philip Zimmermann
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