Mac OS X v. Linux

David david at
Fri Jun 24 00:15:03 UTC 2005

I use both Linux and OSX .. switch betwen them constantly through a KVM. 
Some tools on Linux are way better than OSX, and vice-versa. I will NOT 
use windows, because philosophically I refuse to support a monopoly. Apart 
from that, all my experiences with Windows have been bad.

I'm heretical in that I'm quite happy to pay for useful software. There is 
nothing I've found that's as friendly as BBedit for text editing, although 
vi is a hell of a lot faster. I use both.

The dock is fantastic - the animated selection is intuitive, especially 
for non-geeks. Task bars adequately do the job, and that's the best you 
can say for them. Apple still win hands down for simplicity and 
intuitiveness! Gnu/Linux desktop is definitely improving, but you can't 
help but wonder if it will ever get to where Apple is, simply because 
Apple have total control of their environment, coupled with a corporate 
dedication to usability. That's a hard combination to beat.

I don't care what system I'm using, if I end up with a dozen windows/apps 
open I tend to get lost in them. I don't think you can avoid this 
completely. It's no different from an old fashioned desk with a pile of 
paper on it. You just have to clean up once in a while ;-)


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