686-smp freezing < mine too in both IBM and Acer machines using 2.6.1-1-686

Steve Torrefranca javacide at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 06:17:58 UTC 2005


I tried updating to 2.6.1-1-686 kernel  and it causes my machines (IBM
R40 thinkpad and an old Acer 8400) to hang so i have to roll it back to
2.6.10-5-386.  It stopped hanging when I did so. I have installed ubuntu
in these machines not more than 2 weeks.

I tried ssh to these machines while they freeze to see whats wrong,
hoping twas only xserver, but i can't get in. BTW i install XFCE4 on
both ubuntu machine in-case gnome caused the hanging but it also hanged
during my xfce session.

So i believe this isnt just a smp specific problem, though i can figure
out what is wrong.  May I also add that I use to run debian in both
machines ussing 2.6.11-1-686 kernel.


Maximilian Gerlach wrote:

>My 686-smp kernel is freezing when working under very high load.
>I didn't try if that was smp specific, though.
>(I suspect bad cooling of my hardware could be guilty, too)

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