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Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux at rfo.atmel.com
Thu Jun 23 12:13:27 UTC 2005


Iosif Chatzimichail a écrit :

> I don't think you understand. If tomorrow ALL windows users started 
> using Linux in 6 months Linux would be FULL of viruses, spyware and 
> security problems. Getting users in Linux is not the true purpose. The 
> target should be to educate them so when they read "Synchronising 
> clock with ntp.ubuntulinux.org.......[FAIL]" they understand it's not 
> important. Remember a big percentage of Windows problems are being 
> caused because users don't know how to keep their OS safe, so they get 
> their machines filled of useless software.
> Now if you ask, "do you want everyone to use Linux and give MS the 
> boot" my answer is "NO!". Linux should be kept trouble free and this 
> can happen only by having its users have a deeper knowledge of this 
> thing called "computer". Trust me if the above scenerio ever comes 
> true me, and probably you as well, will start looking for another OS.
> I don't think that Ubuntu by not having a splash screen prevents 
> newbie users from using it. There are distros with nice booting 
> screens that are much more complicated and less user-friendly than 
> Ubuntu.
> Everyone can run Linux free of charge and easily. It just needs some 
> research. Most people don't even know how to handle a Windows install, 
> if they decide to go open-source the boot screen is the last thing 
> that will scare them!

Nice speech, but what about comfort ? I am using Linux since 2003 and I 
believe I am able to understand if a (boot) message is bad or not.
But that doesn't prevent me to like nice looking things (well designed 
UIs, girls, landscapes, boot pictures instead of text lines, ...).
This thread makes me think I am of a rare variety of geeks...
On the top of it, UIs are one of the first things that make feeling 
confident in an application and I can't see why boot screen would escape 
this rule.


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