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Iosif Chatzimichail afonic at altecnet.gr
Thu Jun 23 11:03:35 UTC 2005

john levin wrote:

>Iosif Chatzimichail wrote:
>>Are these the kind of users you want to be running Linux?
>Yes. Everyone should have the opportunity and support to run ubuntu,
>even if they know nothing about computers, or only know windows. (For
>one thing, it means they don't run zombied machines pouring out spam and
>virii, making the net healthier for all.)
I don't think you understand. If tomorrow ALL windows users started 
using Linux in 6 months Linux would be FULL of viruses, spyware and 
security problems. Getting users in Linux is not the true purpose. The 
target should be to educate them so when they read "Synchronising clock 
with ntp.ubuntulinux.org.......[FAIL]" they understand it's not 
important. Remember a big percentage of Windows problems are being 
caused because users don't know how to keep their OS safe, so they get 
their machines filled of useless software.

Now if you ask, "do you want everyone to use Linux and give MS the boot" 
my answer is "NO!". Linux should be kept trouble free and this can 
happen only by having its users have a deeper knowledge of this thing 
called "computer". Trust me if the above scenerio ever comes true me, 
and probably you as well, will start looking for another OS.

I don't think that Ubuntu by not having a splash screen prevents newbie 
users from using it. There are distros with nice booting screens that 
are much more complicated and less user-friendly than Ubuntu.
Everyone can run Linux free of charge and easily. It just needs some 
research. Most people don't even know how to handle a Windows install, 
if they decide to go open-source the boot screen is the last thing that 
will scare them!

>>orry for getting a bit off subject here but people that will think
>>"OMG!! What are these lines before Ubuntu boots? There must be some kind
>>of error!" do not have a chance to get used to Linux anyway.
>Well, the problem is that you do get errors - raid, time server if not
>networked, etc.
>That, I think, is the fundamental question. Those errors are not
>important, but are frightening.

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