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Custom custom at freenet.de
Thu Jun 23 08:08:51 UTC 2005

> I for one (and I expect many others here) like to watch, for one
> reason or another, the technical garbage that comes up on screen.
> But when I put the Hoary Live CD into my friends Dell laptop he nearly
> jumped out of his skin. It took me ages to convince him that the Live
> CD wouldn't hurt his computer, and I think I nearly lost his trust
> with those scrolling lines.
> "People" simply can't handle lines of white text on a black
> background. They immediately think something has gone wrong, and for a
> first time use of a new operating system, it isn't really the reaction
> we want.

Yes, this totally sums it up for me.  Power users in Linux will ALWAYS 
have a way to do what they want.  But if I put my mother behind a 
computer and the thing boots up, she will frantically try to read 
everything thinking it's information she needs later, and become worried 
and frustrated if she can't read or understand it all. (This gets worse 
if there is an error, say when it cant reach the clock-update in time. :)

Now, the things that Ubuntu shows when booting: Does my mother really 
need to know all that ?

I think a Linux power user will be a helluvalot quicker in getting his 
text boot messages back than my mother will be in replacing the text 
with a graphic screen..


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