quasar accounting on ubuntu??

rajaiskandarshah ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Thu Jun 23 04:22:02 UTC 2005

i presume that you have got to the open company screen and you see a
list under company name ? the default username is admin and password is

during the installation of firebird and quasar, there will be users
created for firebird and quasar. so this is normal. if it wasn't there,
then i will be worried.

can you please try re-testing the following again ? and create another
new company. need to check the settings and if quasard is running. most
of the time it is something to do with the quasard server.

14. Setup the Quasar Server:

sudo /opt/quasar/bin/quasar_setup

15. Configure the Quasar Server in the Quasar Setup window by selecting
the Drivers tab, selecting Firebird from the Driver Name and clicking
the Configure button.

16. In the Firebird Driver Config window fill in the following

- Hostname: localhost

- Port: 3050

- Library: /usr/lib/firebird2/libfbclient.so

- Install Directory: /usr/lib/firebird2

- DBA Password: xxx (replace with the DBA password from step 3 above)

- Username: nondba (replace with the non-DBA username from step 3

- Password: yyy (replace with the non-DBA password from step 3 above)

- Database Directory: /opt/quasar/databases

- Block Size: 4096

- Character Set: ISO8859_1 (or whatever is the default)

17. In the Firebird Driver Config window, click on the Test button. A
pop-up window indicating Testing Complete should appear. Click on the
OK button.

18. In the Firebird Driver Config window, click on the OK button to
save the configurations.

19. To create a new company file, in the Quasar Setup window, click on
the New Company button and in the New Company window enter a Name for
the new company.


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