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Thu Jun 23 00:39:06 UTC 2005

I'll second this. "I really hope Ubuntu is going to be a Linux distro 
and not just a desktop distro"
I'm using ubuntu as a "server" distro right now with a lot of success, 
configuration is the biggest issue.

Mike Bird wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 01:38, Senectus . wrote:
>>I've been thinking about this.. I reckon it's something that should be
>>looked at much further down the track..
>>At the moment Ubuntu is focused on being a desktop OS more than a
>>Server OS.. For the time being (at least until past "Breezy") I reckon
>>we should stick with that!
>I really hope Ubuntu is going to be a Linux distro and not just a
>desktop distro - particularly as we're moving all our servers and
>desktops from FC3.
>For the most part, desktop functionality is a superset of server
>functionality these days.  We don't have any desktop IMAP or INN
>servers, but we do have desktops with Samba, and a few with Squid.  All
>our desktops run BIND, Postfix, LVM, NTP, and software RAID1.
>--Mike Bird

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