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Wed Jun 22 23:15:55 UTC 2005

dan wrote:

>What I mean is that in Windows (XP at least) one never sees lines of
>garbled text on the screen, except when you get a BSOD. So to the
>average user, lines of text = error, and to go even further I would
>say no "gui" or pretty picture at boot would equal an error as well.

Are these the kind of users you want to be running Linux?
Sorry for getting a bit off subject here but people that will think 
"OMG!! What are these lines before Ubuntu boots? There must be some kind 
of error!" do not have a chance to get used to Linux anyway. So why bother?
Personally I like a nice boot screen, but as a previous user explained 
there are some details that need to be looked at as well as some problems.


PS. People confuse things.  "Make linux more pretty and easy for the 
desktop users" and "Make linux look and act more like windows so that it 
gets more noobusers" are not the same.


SuSE has somthing similar to this. It is a nice screen that hides it all . You can press F2 to see everything if you wish. I, personally dont care if it is text or a graphic, but I can see your point. I think it is a good idea to do everything we can to make people more interested and not scare them. If they are not computer 'literate' but still have an interest we wouldn't want this to scare them away from possibly learning more about linux; eventually becoming a contributing member of the community.

a Windows user who is curious about Linux will be afraid to 'mess-up' his/her families computer. He/She may not continue with in install if he/she thinks the text could possibly mean an error; or the text may be out of thier 'comfort level'. In my opinion the basic idea of this is to have linux be easy to use for the basic user and advanced for the advanced user. Somthing similar to SuSE's screen where it is hidden, but you may press F2 to see the details is the perfect solution. Bottom line is that we shouldnt scare would-be users/contributers by boosting it out of thier comfort level on thier first install.

here is an example: http://www.flexbeta.net/images/linux_comparison/suse_boot2.jpeg

Just my two cents.
-Dan Rippon
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