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Ante Karamatić ivoks at grad.hr
Wed Jun 22 17:00:27 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 07:25 -0300, Dr W Hunter Blair wrote:
> Dear group,
> I am finding it hard to imagine what is wrong with seeing *technical
> crap* on boot up. It can be useful. You can always walk away and switch
> on the coffee pot, or contemplate a different life without the
> irritations of computing :D,

I agree.

One of things that I liked on Ubuntu was that it was Linux operating
system, and it didn't hide that fact or pretend to be something else. I
dislike distributions that pretend to be something else. It's not that I
don't like splashes, but hey, UNIX is booting this way since it was
introduced to public. Why change that? It's good and it has a lot, A
LOT, advantages. Hell, ugllynes is easy to fix. Just make text in
colors. It won't be that ugly anymore, belive me.

But... Hiding booting proces will not help Ubuntu be better Linux
distribution (acctually, it will introduce a lot of problems since
splashes generally requiere framebuffer wich will break nvidia drivers
and make booting even slower, etc...). What needs to be addressed is
time of booting. But then again, what's the best desktop operating
system for 99% of people? MacOSX - how long does this one boots? :)

As you can see, reducing time of booting will not make Ubuntu better
desktop solution. Hiding booting proccess will not make Ubuntu better
desktop solution either (look at Mandrake, Fedora, etc, etc, Ubuntu is
even more popular then this distros, and they all have splashes).

What will make Ubuntu great, rocking, ultra sonic, desktop solution is
good applications integration, easy to use desktop system, low latency
and Cairo (is this thing going to be finished soon?:). With this
feauters, Ubuntu must be rock solid, scalable and everything should work
out of box (and this is what Ubuntu does great). Then there is a big big
resource of packages and applications called The Debian Sea and great
tools like dpkg and apt-get. This, hiden behind synaptic and similar
tools, give Ubuntu advantage in front other distros that don't have this
much resources.

Ah, long one :)

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