forum vs. mailing list (was: Popular pills - 75% OFF)

Jim Richardson warlock at
Wed Jun 22 18:18:41 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 10:54 +0200, Shot - Piotr Szotkowski wrote:
> Hello.
> Vincent Trouilliez:
> > I think it's great to be able to READ the mailing list from the web,
> > to get a taste before joining (that's what I did), but you should
> > not be able to write from the forum. If one is so interested in
> > the mailing list that 1) he reads it regularly and 2) wants to
> > reply/participate, then it's only logical that he subscribes to
> > the mailing list... well I think ! ;-P
> One could argue the other way around, i.e. that the mailing list is
> just a gate to the forum, and it's the mailing list which should be
> read-only.

I participate in the mailling list via email (on evolution, not that it
matters), and if it were read only, I'd probably unsubscribe. 
I find web forums to be clunky and annoying to use, compared to mailling
lists, although I am sure opinions vary. Web forums can be useful, but
they are not a substitute for mailling lists imho. 

> IMHO both the forums and the mailing lists are just interfaces
> to channels of communications and should be treated as equal.
> Crippling one or the other is not a proper solution to spam problems.

Allowing only subscribers to post to either, is probably the easiest way
of controlling such mal-usage. Beyond that, it becomes too much of a
pain for the legit users. 

Jim Richardson
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