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Tue Jun 21 08:54:41 UTC 2005


Vincent Trouilliez:

> I think it's great to be able to READ the mailing list from the web,
> to get a taste before joining (that's what I did), but you should
> not be able to write from the forum. If one is so interested in
> the mailing list that 1) he reads it regularly and 2) wants to
> reply/participate, then it's only logical that he subscribes to
> the mailing list... well I think ! ;-P

One could argue the other way around, i.e. that the mailing list is
just a gate to the forum, and it's the mailing list which should be

IMHO both the forums and the mailing lists are just interfaces
to channels of communications and should be treated as equal.
Crippling one or the other is not a proper solution to spam problems.

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