Network Printer Setup

James Wilkinson ubuntu at
Wed Jun 22 12:42:01 UTC 2005

Soo-Hyun Choi wrote:
> I also have searched the Linux/FreeBSD driver at the websites that you
> went over, but couldn't find one. The exact name/model is 'Xerox
> Document Centre C360' which is a colour (laser) printer and it's
> multifunctional (scanner + fax in it). (This printer is a sort of very
> huge in terms of its size as it is suitable for an office use covering
> at leat about 100 people.)

Hmm. Laser printers above a certain size tend to emulate HP LaserJets.
This is very well understood technology, and the drivers tend to be very
good. You might want to experiment with a LaserJet 5 driver for black
and white jobs (they've been around for long enough that practically
anything supports htem).

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a colour laser. You might find
that a (more recent) colour LaserJet driver would work.

You might also find that the thing understands Postscript, at that size.

Good luck!


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