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Morten W. J. morten at
Wed Jun 22 06:06:49 UTC 2005

On Tuesday den 21. June 2005 22:44, Mike Drabik wrote:

> The elitism has GOT TO GO if we really want ma, pa,
> jimmy, joey, jeany and their 80 year old
> great-grandmaw to be willing to use the people's O/S -
> Ubuntu Linux.

I am sorry if I was vague in my formulation or unclear in my English, but I 
don't want that to happen. If ma, pa, j, j, j and j+80 wants to run Linux. 
Great. I'll help as much as I can. No matter how impure others may think they 
are, but I do not want them to switch OS for the sake of switching. 

They are happy doing things the way they do it now, and I am happy doing 
things the way I dothem now. If they at some point feels like switching OS 
and they ask me, I'll be there to give them a demo and help them install. But 
I'll most certainly also point out to them that by switching to Linux they 
must be openminded that things change look and feel and that they must know 
how to operate the shell.

> And if adding a GUI system restore facility is part of
> that price - so be it.

You only have to pay a price if you want to achieve something extraordinary, 
and if people are shifting because they want to and not because enthusiasts 
want them to there is nothing extraordinary about that.

I'll never ask somebody to drop Windows in favor of Linux when running Windows 
is better for them. And that is not bad attitude, that is helping get their 
work done instead of introducing a lot of other stuff they have to learn 
asking them to drop all their well known programs.

Let people choose the OS that matches their needs. You have chosen, please let 
other people choose too instead of forcing your favorite OS onto them.

Morten W. Jørgensen

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