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Thomas Templin lists at
Tue Jun 21 12:21:22 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 21 June 2005 12:59, classysidhu at wrote:
> hi friends
> I today got 25 sets of ubuntu CD's. Eventhough I have seen ubuntu
> at my friends home. I have not been able to install or run the
> live CD on my computer. The problem is that when I hit some
> command at boot prompt like
> boot:live
> boot:live-expert
> boot:linux
> boot:expert
> then at the next screen (the one in blue color asking about
> choosing language) my keybord gets stuck. No matter what key I
> press I cannot go beyond this stage. I have tried various boot
> parameters like the one for not probing USb etc etc. But nothing
> seems to be working. I would like to mention another thing that I
> have Fedora core 1 installed in my system But when I tried to
> install FC2 or FC3 my computer got hanged at the similar stge in
> their installation process( A blue screen asking for language
> .again !!). But when I install fedor core 1 there seems to be no
> problem at any stage.

Hhhm, sounds strange to me.
If FC2/3 does an installation Hoary should do so also...

> 	Please give me your sugesstion. Are theere any boot parameters
> that I should give or is at any hardware problem that I have. My
> PC configuration is
> AMD Athlon 2400
> 256 MS ddr RAM
> Seagate 40 GB hard disk
> MSI 6380 motherboard
> keyboard iKey  ( I think it is an indian company)

- Check if USB Keyboard Support is enabled in the BIOS

Can you try booting the live CD with another keyboard?


BTW. You should use a subject if you send mails to a mailing list.
So the chance to get a response will be better than without subject.

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