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Chanchao custom at
Tue Jun 21 08:20:45 UTC 2005

Hello Charles,

Tuesday, June 21, 2005, 12:03:41 PM, you wrote:

CY> We use a samba file and print server in the office. I want to also use
CY> it as a domain controller. Any tips on how to do this? there are
CY> currenlty 5 Ubuntu clients on the machine and 7 windows machines using
CY> the server.. The OS in the server is feodra core 3

Just as a thought, wouldn't it be great if a next version of Ubuntu
came with a couple of easily selectable file server profiles.. One of
those would be domain controller.  smb.conf seems needlessly
complicated for the most common scenarios.  Like a network setup
wizard would just have a bunch of checkboxes, like:

Domain controller   [X]

Home folders shared [X]
  Allow all users read access (when folder permissions allow)  [X]

Make public folder in /home/public [X]
  Allow all users write access to public folder [ ]

That's it. Anything more special than that and people are welcome to
go read the Samba book. But these basic ones should be easy enough and
accommodate most users. (It's basically what Windows offers)

Also the user admin panel currently has checkboxes for such things as
to prevent the user from hearing sound (why? It's not a limited or
expensive resource is it?) but no checkbox to set that the user can
login on Samba (add to the smb users file).

It shouldn't be THAT much harder to share folders in Ubuntu compared
with Apple/Windows OS's, should it?   Samba does a great job of making
something that's basic to the end user seems hopelessly complicated.
(I know it IS hopelessly complicated but the end user should be
shielded from that)


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