does a commercial ogg-enabled "mp3-player" exist?

Ulrich Steffens ulrich at
Mon Jun 20 09:17:16 UTC 2005

also this one looks pretty cool.


Am Montag, den 20.06.2005, 16:41 +0900 schrieb Evan Monroig:
> Hi,
> Like all of you I guess, I am starting to encode my personal CDs to
> the ogg-vorbis format for use with my computer. But I also have a "mp3
> player", and of course it does not accept the ogg format.... (as the
> name says, maybe)
> Does anyone know if there exist any commercial "mp3 player" that plays
> ogg players as well?
> I guess we could call it "free music player" !
> thanks,
> Evan
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