leaving the list: debianpure

rnatalli ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sun Jun 19 18:10:31 UTC 2005


As I see, debianpure uses the base sarge netinstall image to install a
barebones debian system.  Once that's installed, you run one of the
scripts which will install a desktop along with other packages, plugins
(Flash, Java, etc) included.  You have the option of installing from the
net in which you need a broadband connection, or installing locally from
CD.  It does offer both KDE and Gnome desktops.  I installed using the
localinstall-gnomefull.sh script and it gave me a very complete Gnome
desktop.  I find it more complete than Ubuntu and the
localinstall-kdefull.sh script left me with a very complete KDE system.
A great alternative to ubuntu for noobies.


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