Never the same font.. ?

Chanchao custom at
Sun Jun 19 04:46:16 UTC 2005

This is really strange..  About 50% of the time when booting Ubuntu I
get a rather small font on the login screen. The other 50% I get a much
nicer looking, little bit bigger font.

Where does the difference come from? Initially I thought it was just due
to different video modes, different refresh rates being selected, etc.
Not so sure of that now..  I tried loads of different vertical refresh
rates and worry I may have damaged my video card or monitor in the
process.. (Even when booting Windows the display had a horrible
flicker). I got that back to normal now, but it still seems the default
refresh even on the boot screen / bios screens is now very low. Like
40Hz, it really looks that bad. 

But anyway, is there a way to get more consistent fonts when booting?


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