jon skimitar at
Sat Jun 18 04:11:02 UTC 2005

Tab Gilbert wrote:

> install gives me a error message.
>The first update went fine after changing -
>x    Install the plugin(s) for you only
>(Thank You Martin Sieradzkifor that solution)
>but on this update it does not work.
>I am sure the solution is simple but my n00b attempts have not clicked
>yet.  It seems to be about setting permissions but I have not found a
>set of instructions for those of us with a low skill set.
>Outer Bubbaistan
The 'naughty' way to do it is to do a sudo /opt/azureus/azureus which 
will give write permissions for the directories azureus needs to access. 
Then get the hell off the network (i.e. shut down azureus), because I 
can't see that running a p2p app as root (or as sudo) can be a good thing.

I guess the 'right' way is to change the permissions on the directory or 
create an appropriate user group with you in it.

This assumes that your azureus install is in /opt/azureus


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