Firefox & Spellbound & Hoary

delsdog ulist at
Sat Jun 18 11:27:14 UTC 2005

I couldn't get Spellbound working in the hoary version of firefox, so I
just manually installed the current firefox and it everything worked

However I thought when I updated the Hoary version a couple of days ago
that maybe I could get that to work now that it actually stated that it
used Firefox 1.0.4. 

Everything seemed fine, I installed the libraries using sudo -H firefox
then the dictionary, then back out to a normal user account to install
the spellbound extension itself. All fine. Then I tried spell checking
something. The checker came up, but it blatantly wasn't checking any
text, instead it was telling me that everything was spelt correctly.

Anyone else had this problem, or am I just doing something stupidly?


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