Help with new monitor

Russell Blau russblau at
Thu Jun 16 20:14:58 UTC 2005

"Martin J Hooper" <martinjh at> wrote in message
news:d8nd78$f7t$1 at
> sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
> and then put the relevent details in when asked.
> dpkg-reconfigure normally detects your montior settings anyway - At
> least it does on my 19" CRT...

Thanks for the pointer!  This has been a frustrating process, but I finally
(after about 6 attempts) got it to a point where I can at least boot into
the GUI successfully and see it on my monitor.  I still can't get it to
accept the resolution settings that the monitor specs say are the optimum,
but I'm going to continue tinkering...


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