How do I get my printer to show up via samba?

clb137 ulist at
Thu Jun 16 19:22:37 UTC 2005

Neil Woolford Wrote: 
> Hi all,


> I've just been setting up samba networking on my Ubuntu machine so
> that

> I can network to my Windows 98SE laptop.  After some fun with setting

> samba passwords and tweaking the firewall on the laptop I can now
> 'see'

> each machine from the other and share files across the network in both

> directions.


> What I can't do yet is to share the printer attached to the Ubuntu

> machine with the Windows one.  I've got as far as using the printer

> setup gui to set for detection of network printers, and now my printer

> properties say that it is a network printer on usb:/dev/usb/lp0.  It

> works fine from the Ubuntu machine (still).


> However, when I go to the Windows machine and try to install a new

> (networked) printer by browsing for the printer, it isn't shown. 
> (This

> procedure does work when I do it with my Windows 2000 machine and

> printer at work.)


> What have I missed?  How do I make the printer browseable?  Do I have
> to

> delve manually in samba.conf?  Is there more CUPS configuration to do?

> Have I missed some helpful gui?


> Neil


> Have you installed the UNIX printer drivers on your win box?


> clinton



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Have you installed 'UNIX  printer drivers on your win box????  in your
advanced options??



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