Cross Platform C++ GUI Development

Thomas Olsen thomas_tanghus_olsen at
Thu Jun 16 18:15:12 UTC 2005

Hi Matt

On Thursday den 16. June 2005 02:29, Matt Patterson wrote:
> I am interested in putting a gui on some code I am working on. I intend
> to make the code open sourced once it is at least alpha quality, so I
> want a nice gui toolkit that will work on windows and linux (and
> hopefully mac ox x). I havent done gui since Borland Delphi Builder, so
> please point me in the direction of the tools and tutorials I should use
> to get things started.

I would absolutely suggest Qt. Runs on Unix, Windows and OSX. For now the 
Windows license isn't GPL'ed but it will be when Qt4 is released. Until then 
you can use QT 3/Windows Free Edition from - and no, it does not require 

X11 edition downloadable from
OSX edition downloadable from
The excellent documentation can be browsed online at
For a quick overview look hear

Med venlig hilsen

Thomas Olsen

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