Reiserfs corruption: a little help, please!

Gerhard Gaußling ggrubbish at
Thu Jun 16 17:22:12 UTC 2005

Am Donnerstag 16 Juni 2005 03:05 schrieb Paul M. Bucalo:
> > Somehow I managed to corrupt a reiserfs partition. Upon boot-up, it
> > tells me to use 'reiserfsck --rebuild-tree' because the problem is
> > bad. I've been trying to figure out how to do this, including
> > getting to a point where this can be done before mounting. <...>
> I have no idea what I did (or didn't do) that fixed the problem. I
> rebooted, picked the recovery kernel choice, shutdown, and the next
> time I came up in the regular boot mode I was fine. Well, if someone
> has a few moments to spare, please point me to the place where it
> describes step-by-step how to rebuild the tree for a corrupt reiserfs
> partition. TIA.

This looks to me, like anunchanged corrupted reiserfs partition. It 
seems that the flag that tells the script that the filesystem is 
corrupt changed due to the start into the recovery console and reboot.
But I'm not sure about it.

Please try to follow the instructions of Karl Hegbloom, but do first a 
reiserfsck --check /dev/$DEVICE (for example /dev/hda, try fdisk -l to 
figure out which one is the affected partition. If unsure, please do a 
`man fdisk` and `man reiserfsck` for the manuial pages).

That way you might be able to figure out if the filesystem is corrupted 
or not.

If you run ubuntu on a corrupted filesystem you risk to get data loss 
and everything will get even worse. If so, you will run at least into 
problems because you're no longer able to access some few files, even 
as root. Sooner or later a program will crash due to this fact, and 
you'll might have no clue why this happens ....

Just my two cents...

Kind regards


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