desdinova ulist at
Thu Jun 16 02:08:56 UTC 2005 says

This is exactly the same printer as the Z32, but it is delivered
with only the colour cartridge, so that the user does expensive    
CMY printing when he does not buy a black cartridge. The manual     and
the Windows drivers CD is the same for both printers.

Prints with the lxm3200 driver in all resolutions, but only in  
bidirectional mode, colours off (I think it is a GhostScript    
problem), 300 dpi too light, 600 too dark, 1200 flooded with     ink.

The Z22 works excellently with the proprietary driver which
'Lexmark' ( has     published for the 'Z32'
( See
also this posting on linuxprinting.lexmark.general:

Subject: Lexmark Z22 & linux
Date: 18 Dec 2000 06:32:04 GMT
From: coderman at (coder)
Newsgroups: linuxprinting.lexmark.general

I have been able to successfully print on the Z22 using the drivers
provided by lexmark for the Z32.  You can find them on their
website (i


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