GThumb (on one account running)

René L. Reingard reingard at
Wed Jun 15 19:01:07 UTC 2005

> Am Wed, 15 Jun 2005 14:24:26 -0400 schrieb Darryl Clarke  
> <smartssa at>:

>> On 6/15/05, René L. Reingard <reingard at> wrote:

>> GThumb does not display any pictures. Wether a picture gets opened with 
>> GThumb or if i choose a picture in its folder through GThumb.
>> But in the bottom line GTumb tells me that a certain folder has x  
>> amount offiles in it and is x amount big.

>> Strange enough, on one users account on the same machine GThumb is  
>> running well, but on the other account not.
>> Where to find user specific stuff related to GThumb?

> user specific data is in:
> /home/username/.gnome2/gthumb/
> Configuration is stored in the gnome configuration editor.
> You'll find that gthumb's options are in the path of 'apps/gthumb/'

Thank you Darryl for pointing this out.

1.) Hmm, what ever is in Configuration Editor will work for all users  
2.) Under /home/username/.gnome2/gthumb/ i do see:
2a) a folder named cellections (empty)
2b) a folder named comments (empty)
2c) a file named bookmarks (i do not know it content)
2d) a file named categories

The user gthumb folder under /.gnome2 looks same. Okay i do not now what  
is in bookmarks.


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