A Favor Please

Maximilian Gerlach m at px0.de
Wed Jun 15 09:04:25 UTC 2005

> Looks fine to me.. (Which is not saying much) Only thing is: By
> default I don't think Ubuntu comes with gcc or whatever stuff
> is used to compile things.   You would need to include instructions to
> check that gcc is installed, or to install it if it isn't.
sudo apt-get install build-essential

> Ahh heck, let's rant: If God wanted people to compile from source He
> wouldn't have given us apt-get. :P 

> And.. I'd like to believe there's a
> reason that Ubuntu didn't include gcc.. 
See above

> Likely related to the 'For
> Human Beings' philosophy.
Programmers arent' human beeings, eh? ;P
Better don't say that too loud :P

> s> Another favour, Just what commands/applications are needed to read mail
> s> from command line?
> Pain.   Ooops, "pine".  That's 10 years ago for me as well.  :)
> There's of course even more masochistic stuff around to read mail, but
> I really dont think anyone should go there.  Use pine, if you must. :)
The answer is mutt. Just mutt. ;)

>  I
> really, really don't like command lines. I wouldn't be here (with
> Ubuntu) if I did!
And I am a 'CLI junkie' and am here as well :P

'unp' could be a more simple way to unpack archives than yours :)


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