gdmchooser at startup

Martin Holt Juliussen mjuliuss at
Tue Jun 14 07:01:55 UTC 2005

man, 13,.06.2005 kl. 22.02 +0100, skrev Magnus Therning:

> >>>I'm experimenting with X-terminals and I want gdm to show gdmchooser
> >>>instead of the standard gdm screen at startup. I have not found it in
> >>>gdmconfig or gdm.conf. Can anyone clearify this?
> >> 
> >> Configure GDM to use the "standard greeter" on localhost using
> >> System->Administration->Login Screen Setup.
> >
> >Also thanks to you, but this isn't what I'm looking for either. I don't
> >want the user to be able to log in locally. I can get to the gdmchooser
> >from the standard greeter, but also from all the GNOME gdm themes (not
> >the Ubuntu one) so that is not the solution. It should have been
> >possible to choose "XDMCP chooser" in gdmconfig.
> So, what is it you want? With some more requirements it might be easier
> to understand what you are asking for.

I'm obviously not able to communicate properly in this language:-) But
thanks for your patience.

> If I am to guess you'd like to have GDM running, but only allowing
> logins via XDMCP. Is that right?

No. I want GDM to run the program gdmchooser at startup - gdmchooser
locates XDMCP machines on the local network (think skolelinux
(~DebianEdu) and LTSP). Then users can connect to the XDMCP machine and
run the applications from there. At the same time I don't want users to
be able to login into GNOME or any WM at the machine in front of them,
but be able to see what computers are available on the network. In this
case it is not necessary to display the traditional GDM, but rather show
the gdmchooser immediately.

Again thanks.


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